Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair, L.L.C.

In-Shop & Mobile Services on Heavy, Medium & Light Duty Trucks,Buses,Vans & Trailers   

Our Client's Testimonial

Our Fleet starts its day at 5:30 am the Semi Trucks and Trailers hit the road, If are drivers experience a problem during their route, Onsite Truck& Trailer Repair with their Superior Equipped Mobile Units

Respond quickly and are properly prepared to address and correct condition downing unit and get back in Service promptly!

Christopher Lee

DPSG Group • 27 Units Serviced by Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair

Christopher Lee- DPSG Branch Supervisor


“Year-round, our commercial vans & trucks are on and off the road, in and out of dusty construction sites. They really take a beating, so the basics like regular fluid and filter changes are essential to our reliability. Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair keeps us on track with detailed maintenance records and reminders. They’re like another member of our team.”

 David Grossi

 Comcast Cable • 230 Units Serviced by Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair


“I’m in the furniture business, not fleet management. It was a relief the day I turned things over to Onsite Truck & Trailer Truck Repair. They keep all of our delivery trucks running great and cost-effectively.”

Joe Prosperi

Prosperi Furniture Co. • 5 Units Serviced by Onsite Truck & Trailer Repair